Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Magics win

The Orlando Magics win aginst the Raptors. Orlando had the offense in high gear from the opening tip, as eight players scored in double figures. Steve Francis collected 23 points and nine assists. Dwight Howard had a season high 20 rebounds and had 15 points. Grant hill had 17 points. C. Mobley had 16 points and rookie guard Jameer Nelson had 10 points and five assist. K. Cato had 12 points and 14 rebounds. The Magic need to keep up the good work so that they can make it to the playoffs.

The Sixers are drilled by the Spurs

The Philidelphia 76'ers lose bad to the San Antonio Spurs, 105-72. The Sixers had them at first because the Spurs got of to a slow start. The Spurs went on a 9-2 run and tied the game at the end of the first quarter. in the second quarter Brown scored the first three baskets of the period to open a 32-27 advantage, he ended up with a career high 24 points. Then Tim Duncan took over the game and scored 17 straight points for the Spurs. That was the nail in the coffin. The Sixers could not handle the Spurs so they lost bad.
We got beat - no, we got our butt kicked - by a good team tonight, Sixers star
Allen Iverson said. These guys, the Spurs, have won two championships in five
years, and tonight they showed why.

The Cavaliers lose two straight

The Cavaliers lost to the Phenix Suns. Nash proved to be too much for the Cavs. Nash scored 21 points and dished out seven assists. Stoudemire and Quentin Richardson also scored 21 points and Shawn Marion notched his 11th double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds. In the other game that they lost was against the Clippers.

It's always a great matchup," Simmons said, "Guys should want to guard the best
guy on the opposing team and that's what I wanted to do tonight.

Simmons would not allow James to score any points in the final period of the game. Simmons scored 17 points and he grabbed 10 rebounds. Elton Brand scored 30 points. The Cavaliers have to do much better than that if they plan on making it to the playoffs.

The Knicks win second straight

The New York Knicks win their second straight game. The First team that they beat was the Atlanta Hawks. They barely won the game winning by one point in overtime. Crawford was not a facter the whole game but he came up big in the clutch. Crawford's 3-pointer with 3.3 seconds remaining helped the New York Knicks post a 110-109 victory over the Atlanta Hawks, who have lost seven in a row.
I play basketball to win," Marbury said. "And Jamal is a confident player. And
his position is to go out and play the way he played tonight. When I draw two
people, I know it's him open on the court. I did my job.
The second game that they played was against the Grizzlies. In the game Stephon Marbury dominated in the second quarter, scoring 19 of his game-high 26 points. Marbury sank four 3-pointers in a span of just over two minutes to give the Knicks their first lead of the game. He was the only player that really contributed to the win. If they want to go deep into the playoffs they need to have all of their players doing that good.

The Bulls beat the Lakers

The Chicago Bulls beat the L.A. Lakers again. Luol Deng tied it with a layup with 7:20 left in the fourth and his 3-pointer 76 seconds later gave Chicago the lead for good. Deng and Eddie Curry scored 18 points apiece, Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon each had 17, and Tyson Chandler pulled down 18 rebounds to go with 10 points. Chandler came off the bench to grab a season-high 18 rebounds and scored 10 points, giving the Chicago Bulls their first home win.

The Celtics win by one

The Boston Celtics won a very close game against the Milwalkee Bucks. Doc Rivers had benched Paul Pierce for not running the floor. Paul Pierce was not happy about that at all he sat on the end of the bench until Doc Rivers decided to let him come back into the game.
I wanted everybody to run the floor, said Rivers, whose team had a 22-2 edge in
fast-break points. "I didn't think he was running the floor on the last
couple of possessions, so I took him out. I don't mind him being upset at
all. I made my point and I put him back in the game.
Paul Pierce finished the game with 23 points. The celtics cannot afford to have a lot of close games becuse they might not win them all like they won the one today.

The Pistons whip the Rockets

The incident that happened some time back with Ben Wallace was suppose to be a set back for the Pistons but the Pistons would prove otherwise. Antonio McDyess started in Ben Wallace's place. Antonio McDyess made sure that the Pistons didn't loose anything, he came out hot. He scored 12 of their first points. Their was others that contributed to the win against the Rockets. These players are Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, and Rasheed Wallace. Chauncey Billups had 18 points and 8 assist. Rip Hamilton had 19 points and 7 assist. Tayshaun Prince had 11 points. Rasheed Wallace had 10 points and 6 rebounds. The Pistons need to get Ben Wallace to help them when the other players are not playing well.

Indiana lose to the Clippers

The Indiana Pacers are missing nine of their top 10 players, including all five projected starters. It would be hard for any team to win with that many players out. Despite all of that the the Pacers stayed close until the closing minutes but Elton Brand was too much for them. Eltonn Brand had 27 points. People like Eddie Gill tried to help keep it close, he had a career high 21 points.

Bobby Simmons has been playing great all-around basketball," Los Angeles
Mike Dunleavy said. "He's really shooting the ball well and rebounding
defensively. And I thought it was another great performance by Elton. He had
good rhythm tonight.

The effort that was put forth by the Pacers was a real good try. When they get their team back they will be able to beat the tough teams again.

Miami wins close one

The Miami Heat bearly win in this close game. The final score was 106-104. Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'neal were the key players in this one. Dwayne Wade had 25 points and nine assists and Shaquille O'neal had 23 and 13 rebounds. Shaquille O'Neal made all nine of his shots, tying a Heat record for shots made without a miss set by Clarence Weatherspoon in 1999. Boston got close to winning when they pulled within 2 (105-103). Pierce, who collected 17 points, nine rebounds, and five assists. He drove the lane and was fouled by O'Neal. He missed his first free throw then sank the second to make it 105-104. Christian Laettner split a pair of freethrows to make it 106-104. Rickey Davis had a chance to win but he missed the baseline jumper.

The Bobcats first win

The Bobcats crawled their way to a 22-point third quarter lead and then held off an Orlando comeback down the stretch to grab a 111-100 home win. This was the Bobcats first win in their franchise history. Four players got double-doubles for Charlotte. They were led by Primoz Brezec with 20 points and 10 rebounds. The guard Jason Hart had the best game of his career, had 14 points and 11 assist. Steve Smith which had came off of the bench scored 14 points, 1 steal, and 1 rebound. Starting forward Gerald wallace had 18 points, 10 rebounds, 3 steals, and 6 assist. Rookie forward Emika Okafor finshed the game with 12 points and 14 rebounds. The Bobcats played very good to win their first game.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Larry Hughes huge against Toronto

Larry Hughes' triple-double of 33 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists carried Washington to a 114- 119 overtime victory over Toronto. There was other key players that contributed to the win over Toronto these players are Gilbert Arenas and Brandon Haywood. Gilbert Arenas put up 27 points and Brendan Haywood added a season-high 22 points to go with 10 rebounds. Washington trailed by nine with under four minutes left to play but they went on a 12-3 run to end regulation and tie the game, 100-100. Hughes was clutch, scoring five points in the run, including a pair of free throws with eight-tenths of a second to play. The Raptors blew the game they had plenty of chances to win the game but Vince Carter could not hit the game winner in regulation. Donyell Marshall also had a chance to win in overtime but he could not knock down the three to tie the game. Rose scored 29 points and Carter and Marshall added 26 and 12. The Washington Wizards need to keep playing like this in order to win a spot in the playoffs.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Iverson wins it in ot

Allen Iverson made a lay up with two-tenths of a second left in overtime helped the Sixers win against the washington Wizards. Iverson's steal and layup upstaged the clutch efforts of Hayes, who drilled a 3-pointer in traffic at the regulation horn to tie the score at 103-103. Iverson finished with 28 points and 13 assists , Kyle Korver had a second career high with 26 points and mark Jackson had 21 points. The Sixers are 5 and 6 and the are not ranked. Iverson's steal and layup upstaged the clutch efforts of Hayes, who drilled a 3-pointer in traffic at the regulation horn to tie the score at 103-103.

Friday, October 29, 2004


The knicks are sitting in 5th place right now and they should be sitting a little higher then they are right now because of the team that they have I think that they should be in forth place so they are not that far from what I expected. I think that they will play a little different when the season really starts. They have 7 people on their team that is averaging over 7 points per game and that is Jamal Crawford with 12.9 points per game, Tim Thomas with 10.6 points per game, Trevor Ariza with 9.8 points per game, Stephon Marbery with 9.1 points per game, Mike Sweetney with 8.9 points per game, Anfernee Hardaway with 8.6 points per game, and Kurt Thomas with 8.5 points per game. I think that when the season actually starts they will be playing harder and will be a team that will beat you with their depth.


The Milwalkee bucks are in 8th place with 4 wins and 4 losses. I think that when they lost Tj Ford they lost the complete package that they had last year but they will have to learn to win with out him. The key players for the Bucks are Michael Redd, Desmond Mason, Eric Strickland, and Keith Van Horn. Michael Redd leads the team in points per game with 16.3 points per game. They have other players with talent but they are not scoring right now and so that is why I think that they are not winning like they should. When they all start playing on the same page they will do a lot better.


The Cleveland Cavaliers are tied right now with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Indiana Pacers with a 6 win and 2 loss record. The leader of the team is Lebron James he leads the team in points per game with 15.8 points per game. There are other plays on the team that are helping out Lebron and one of them is Robert Traylor he had a career high 30 points in the loss against the Toronto Raptors. I think that if they keep this up the Cavaliers will be a surprise team. They will beat teams because they have a lot of young talent that is just waiting to find that right team that they can shine on and if this year they are playing to their highest ability they will beat a lot of teams.


The Boston Celtics are unranked with a record of 2 wins and 6 losses. Even though it is only pre season I think that they will still loose when the season starts because I don't think that they have a complete team, I think that they have too many guards on their team. The team that they have will do good only against the teams that don't have any good guards to hold them but when they play a somewhat complete team they will loose because they don't have a strong post game and you cannot win with out them. So until they get some good post I don't see them doing much during the regular season. The leader on their team as far as points per game is Paul Pierce he is averaging 14.2 points per game. He is the reason that the Boston Celtics will beat some teams because he will light you up for 30 if he is feeling it, but he cant do it by his self.


The Indiana Pacers are tied with the Philadelphia 76ers with a 6 win and 2 loss record but they are ranked number 1. The Pacers leader in points is Ron Artest and he leads the team with 21.4 points per game. He is putting up big numbers, but I don't think that it is big enough to bring them a world championship trophy home but it will be enough to get them to the playoffs. They will beat a lot of teams but I don't think that they will go all the way. We will see what happens later on in the season.

Monday, October 25, 2004


The 76ers have been doing real good during pre season. They lead the east in the win loss column. The key players for this team is Allen Iverson and the rookie Andre Igoudala. If these two keep playing the way that they are playing they will do pretty good during the season and will be the team to beat. The other players that have been there are holding it down too, people like Marc Jackson, Corliss williamson, Willie Green, Samuel Dalemburt, and Kyle Korver have been averaging more that 7 points per game. I think that in order for this team to continue to win games they all need to keep scoring to help Iverson out in times when he needs it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The Nets are in 7th place right now with 4 wins and 4 losses. They are right where I thought that they would be because don't have as much talent that the other teams in the East has so they will not do as good as those teams. I do think that they will be the team that will upset a lot of teams like they did last week against the Philadelphia 76ers Richard Jefferson dunked in the game winner with 5 seconds left in the game. I think that this will be the kind of games that the Nets will be winning. I think that if you let them stay close like the Sixers did that they will find a way to win. The players that leads their team in points per game is Richard Jefferson, Alonzo Morning, Ron Mercer, Rodney Bufard, Eric Williams, and Jason Collins.

Monday, October 11, 2004


The Raptors right now are not even ranked with their 2 win 5 loss record, but it is only pre season so I think that they will do a whole lot better during the season if they all stay healthy. They have 7 players that are averaging 9 points per game. Those 7 players are Vince Carter, Morris Peterson, Donyell Marshall, Jalen Rose, Chris Bosh, Lamond Murray, and Rafer Alston. If they can keep this up they will run past most of the teams in the East with great ease.